We specialise in helping overcome anxiety in all its forms. We often treat single-event trauma consequences including trauma experienced in the workplace..


Assessment and opinion 


We offer an initial meeting with both a psychiatrist and psychologist (and do psychometric testing where necessary) to formulate diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan and offer patients a range of individualised treatment choices.


We provide expert medicolegal and second opinion assessments for people presents with anxiety problems and assist with to access the right local services,. We have extensive experience of heling people with anxiety no matter how complex their circumstances might be. 


Treatment options


We provide state of the art treatment for anxiety and related disorders with high levels of quality control, supervision, outcome monitoring and input of people with personal experience of mental illness. We are able to offer direct care or make bespoke recommendations for treatments in local NHS services. In certain cases we can provide long-term clinical follow-up and carers' support.


Psychological therapy


Psychological treatments are offered within a broad and flexible Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) framework and also include Schema Focused Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Mindfulness, Imagery Techniques, Exposure-Response Prevention (ERP) techniques, Eye-Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR for PTSD) and interventions for managing sleep, lifestyle & work-related stress.


Psychiatric & medical treatment


Psychiatric and medical treatments are aimed at providing effective prescribing as an adjunct to (rather than instead of) Psychological Therapies with an emphasis on minimising long-term prescribing costs and side-effects.



Other services

Aside from admissions to Clouds House for people with addiction problems we can not provide in-patient treatment, but we can help with making appropriate onward referrals when a hospital bed is necessary. 

We offer specialist services to employers to help employees manage stress in the workplace better and often provide occupational health reports.


Our services to other healtcare providers include and other training, individual or group supervision, consultancy and research collaboration. 


We provide expert medico-legal opinions and reports on diagnosis, treatment and prognosis to the legal profession and  insurers.



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